We are a group of individuals that have tasked ourselves to design inspirational, modern, practical and reasonably priced baby products to help the everyday parent when bringing up their child. Each member of the BabaBing! team have vast amount of experience whether it be in Product Design or Sales so that each product that is developed ticks all the right boxes in design, quality and price!

Our Staff Members

Nick Robinson

Managing/Technical Director

Mr Big Wig. Nick the juggler, the timeline pusher, and the whip cracker. Nick has the final say. As quick with a drafting tablet as he is with a screwdriver, Nick is our Technical guy and every product needs to clear his beady eye before production. Hey… every group needs a Silverback – Nick is ours, just not so hairy and we haven’t spotted him beating his chest quite yet!

Jamie Robinson

Sales Director

Mr Motivator. The Go-Getter. Jamie heads up our sales team, bringing commercial expertise and a sense to the team humour. With over 15 years in the trade, Jamie has founded strong relationships with all the major nursery buyers in the UK. Success with getting BabaBing! into these major retailers when we were just an infant gave us the competitive advantage.

Ashley Robinson

Design & Development Director

Mr Magica, the reality maker. There’s not much that will let get in Ashley’s way. Hand him a spec, a budget and a deadline, and he’ll make it happen. Fabrics, forming, metalwork and plastics. Ashley takes it all in his stride with an emphasis on quality as he also looks after our quiet returns department. Ashley’s production visits to our suppliers are fast and efficient!