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How to Choose the Best Baby Bouncer?

Baby in LoBo 2 Baby Bouncer A baby bouncer is a safe snug place for your little one to sleep, play and relax.

They rock gently with a tap of mum or dad’s foot, and when your baby’s older, they can bounce themselves! It’s a lot of fun for the whole family and little ones are sure to have a giggle as they wiggle around.
Research suggests the gentle bouncing also reminds babies of being in the womb. The soothing motion is very comforting for babies and can help them drift off to sleep.
That’s why infant bouncers are a must-have for new babies who need both naptime and entertainment. But how do you decide which one to buy?
We’ve put together our guide to finding the best baby bouncer, so you can easily make the right choice for your family.

10 Tips for Buying a Baby Bouncer

1) Safety

When searching for the best baby bouncer, your little one’s safety should be your top priority.

As well as checking it’s age-appropriate for your infant, a baby bouncer chair must have the right security features. Look for one with either a 3 or 5-point harness to protect your baby from falling out.

You can also find baby bouncers which have a non-slip base to minimise your little one sliding around on wooden floors!

2) Movement

It’s in the name – baby bouncer seats are bouncy! When looking for the best type, new parents need to consider what kind of movement they’re after.

Some infant bouncers have vibration modes with different speeds – but beware, some babies hate the feeling (and it can make them quite queasy)!

Vibrating styles are naturally more expensive, but you can find cheap baby bouncers which will rock with a gentle push from mummy’s foot.

3) Power

If you do buy a vibrating baby bouncer chair, you’ll need some way to power it up. The best baby bouncers should be easy to move, so a plug-in design won’t work for convenient travel.

Of course, a battery-operated style comes with the extra expensive of topping it up.

Or you could choose to skip the vibrating modes, and find a more affordable cheap baby bouncer which doesn’t require power at all!

4) Durability

The best baby bouncer seat should be sturdy and last a long time. When you’re searching for the right one, choose a chair with a durable well-made frame that won’t tip over.

Some bouncers have an adjustable back, so your tiny tot can sit up for feeding, or lie down for a soothing nap. Make sure to check the seat is strong enough to hold your baby’s weight, no matter which position they’re in.

5) Comfort

Tiny tots love to snuggle up in their baby bouncer seat and drift off to sleep – but they won’t relax if it’s not very cosy!

Comfort is essential when you’re looking for the best baby bouncer. Look for plush, soft fabrics and a supportive head rest so your infant will feel comfy during nap time.

6) Entertainment

Baby bouncers are perfect for playtime! Lots of designs come with a toy bar. You can hang soft colourful toys from the bar to keep your baby entertained, then take a few precious moments to put your feet up!

Make sure to find a bouncer with a removable toy bar for when your baby’s feeling tired and wants to relax.

7) Cleanable

Every new mum and dad will find out their bundle of joy comes accompanied by multiple messes! Sometimes you’ll encounter unavoidable spillages, from milk dribbles to little accidents.

The best baby bouncer will be easy to clean. It should be made with wipeable and washable materials to keep the seat looking good and smelling fresh.

8) Portable

Babies shouldn’t be left alone and need to travel with mum or dad wherever they go. But that gets really difficult when you need to make dinner, take a shower or make a quick cuppa.

A baby bouncer chair must be portable and lightweight, so you can easily carry it from room to room. This is also useful when you’re travelling to visit friends and family, because you can simply bring your bouncer with you.

Just make sure to take your baby out of the chair before moving it!

9) Stylish

Not sure if that garish neon pink will match your dream décor? Just because you’re having a baby doesn’t mean you need to compromise your home style.

Baby bouncers come in all sorts of designs. There are lots of neutral and stylish seats out there to complement your interior decoration. Choose colours like grey or burgundy to make sure your bouncer fits just right in your living room.

10) Price

LoBo 2 Baby Bouncer A cheap baby bouncer doesn’t mean poor quality. The cost of your new arrival is already expensive – there’s no need to add on overpriced extras.

Budgeting for your little one is easier when you shop around to find an affordable baby bouncer.
You can find a good quality chair for around £50, just like our fantastic LoBo 2 Baby Bouncer in Grey Twill (pictured left). It comes in a stylish burgundy too. Little ones will love the mischievous monster duo chilling out on the removable toy bar!
Or you might like our exclusive jungle print Float Baby Bouncer which is perfect for all the little monkeys out there!
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