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How to Prepare For Baby’s Day Out

Baby's Day OutThe first time getting ready for baby’s day out is a big step for new parents. The days after the birth are overwhelming for most mums and dads. You’ll very likely go from feeling totally exhausted to utterly delighted with your new arrival.

Most parents worry about taking their baby out for the first time. While looking after your little one will be your top priority, a breath of fresh air can be very helpful. Some parents will wait a few weeks to go for a walk with their tiny tot, and others will be popping their baby in the pram after two days.
But when do you take your newborn out for the first time? There’s no definitive rule when you can take your baby out for their first trip. A healthy baby could be ready for a walk outside when they’re only one day old.
Some mums will enjoy staying tucked up on the sofa with their little one for a week. Others will head straight out into the world for baby’s day out. What’s most important is to decide on a time that’s right for you and your infant. But when you are ready, the next step for new parents is to get prepared. We’ve put together a handy guide designed to help you out when you’re ready for the first journey with your newborn.
Whether you’re popping to the corner shop for milk, heading to the local park or visiting granny’s house down the road, our top tips can support you when you’re ready for a big day out with your little one.

8 Tips for Baby’s Day Out

1) Pack your baby changing bag

The first tip on our list is to get your baby changing bag ready. Nappy bags are the key to a successful baby’s day out. Keeping everything handy in your diaper bag will be a lifesaver.

Even if you’re only nipping out to the supermarket, you can never predict when an explosive toilet emergency might happen! Parents need to pack the essentials with them on every one of baby’s day out, and not just the first one.

The baby basics are in the name – nappy bags need nappies. For the first journey with your baby, you’ll likely not be out for too long, but it’s a good idea to bring spare diapers just in case.

You also need to bring the rest of the various nappy paraphernalia in your diaper bag. Think baby wipes, nappy rash cream and disposable diaper bags. Some of the best baby changing bags come with their own travel changing mat too.

A nappy bag will be your best friend on you and your baby’s day out. If you have time the night before, pack your changing bag with the baby necessities while your little one’s sleeping. Then, you’ll be ready for everything and fully prepared when taking your newborn out for the first time.

2) Leave after feeding time

New parents should give their baby either breast milk or formula, depending on how they prefer to feed their little one. Solid food’s off limits for babies at this stage.

It’s no surprise that new mums have concerns about feeding their newborn outside the home. It can be difficult finding suitable facilities or a safe space to breastfeed when you’re out and about. It’s advised to feed your baby just before your first journey outside together, to avoid the added stress of finding a convenient and nearby spot.

Of course, if you want to be extra prepared, you can bring your baby’s food with you if you think they’ll get hungry on their first day out. The best baby changing bags usually have designated pockets to snugly carry a bottle, and some compartments are specially insulated for this very purpose.

3) Be ready, whatever the weather

Unpredictable weather means you could take your baby out for the first time in the blazing sunshine, then get soaked in a sudden downpour only ten minutes into the trip. The best changing bags should be big enough to carry a few extra outfits for your tiny tot, just in case the weather changes.

In cold weather, wrap up your little one in long sleeves, pants and socks. They’ll also need a hat and mittens. You should pack extra layers in your nappy bag, like insulated legwarmers or blankets that you can pop on or take away depending on your baby’s temperature.

When it’s summer time, dress your baby in light cotton clothes, and bring a sunhat in your diaper bag. Stay in the shade, and don’t forget to grab the sunscreen.

4) Cover up your baby

It’s natural for new mums and dads to feel concerned about exposing their little one on baby’s day out. You can help to protect your baby with a breathable cover that neatly fits over your pram.

It’s important to keep air circulating and avoid overheating your baby. If your buggy doesn’t already come with a cover, use a light cloth to shield your baby. Leave a thin blanket in your baby changing bag for extra protection. Or try an umbrella on baby’s day out to cover up little ones without restricting air flow.

5) Avoid crowded areas

Newborn babies can be very susceptible to germs, so it’s recommended that new parents don’t take their first trip out to busy areas. Everyone who passes you and your pram will no doubt want to say hello to your baby, but this will likely increase their exposure to unwanted infections.

Coughs and colds might not harm an adult too much, but they can be very dangerous for babies. Keep away from overcrowded places on your first expedition with your little one. To make sure anyone who might want to hold your baby is clean and has washed their hands, always carry hand sanitiser in your baby bag to keep your infant safe on their first day out.

6) Don’t run before you can walk!

When that seemingly perfect mum from baby yoga takes their tiny treasure out for hours along the high street, it doesn’t mean you need to. Take your time and only go on the first adventure with your baby when you’re completely ready.

Instead of a long trip out, why not try a ten-minute walk along your street? It’ll give you an idea of how your baby reacts to the outside world. Then you can steadily increase the length of time on each journey. If you’re planning on going further than the end of the road, just remember to bring your all-important diaper bag.

7) Consult your doctor

If you’re ever in any doubt about taking your baby out for the first time, ask your doctor, midwife or paediatrician. They’ll be able to give you professional advice about spending time outside with your little one.

You probably won’t need to see them in person – a quick call will do – but your doctor can let you know if there are any issues with taking your baby outside early on.

8) Enjoy yourself

Baby's Day OutAlways remember that first-time experiences with your new arrival should be enjoyed!

Try not to worry too much about what to pack in your baby bag, or overthink that pile of laundry mounting up, or fret about your mother-in-law paying a visit. Take your baby out when you want to, and have a great time on your first journey into the great outdoors!
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