Our Best Baby Shower Gifts

1) Baby Blanket

A blanket or baby shawl is one of the most common baby shower gifts, but it’s no surprise why. With the cold weather coming and winter just around the corner, every mum will want to keep their new baby comfy and cosy. A soft, snuggly blanket is just the thing!

If you’re not sure whether the new arrival will be a boy or a girl, choose a neutral blanket. Many designs come in unisex colours like grey, cream or white. Baby will be snug as a bug in no time.

2) Photo Frame

A super sweet present the new parents are sure to love!

Newborns have a lot of baby firsts. Our list of baby shower gift ideas features a few presents which capture those times, like the first baby photo in a special frame. Some frames even have space for thirteen photos – one for each month after birth, then a final one for baby’s first birthday.

3) Nappy Cake

This might not sound like a tasty treat, and you’d be right. We promise you don’t have to eat any nappies!

A nappy cake is one of the best baby shower gifts because it’s so helpful for the parents. All you need is the everyday baby essentials. Think baby towels, toys and of course, nappies, then build them up to arrange the ‘cake.’ Make it as extravagant as you like (just don’t try to eat it).

4) Baby Changing Bag

Every mum needs a baby changing bag. With lots of space, plus specific baby and parent pockets, they’re so much more than the average handbag. Many come with their own travel changing mat too, so baby can be changed anywhere, anytime.

5) Storybooks

A newborn baby might not understand the words in a storybook right away, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a great baby shower gift. It’s been said that reading to babies can teach them about communication and improve their social skills. And with stories of wild things and hungry caterpillars, there are plenty of classic books that would make the perfect present.

6) Winter Accessories

The nights are getting darker and we might have even spotted a few hailstones last week. That’s why winter accessories make the best baby shower gifts when it's chilly. Think woolly hats, mittens and booties that are guaranteed to make everyone in the room say, ‘aww.’

7) Keepsake Box

Another essential baby shower gift idea for all those newborn firsts. A keepsake box can hold anything you like. From the first tooth to the first lock of hair, parents can keep their favourite baby mementos tucked away in a unique box.

8) Baby Rocker

A baby rocker is one of the most useful baby shower gift ideas for new parents. The gentle rocking motion works as a handy sleep solution for newborns who are struggling to relax as they adjust to the big wide world.

9) Handmade Clothes

If you’re looking for unique and personal baby shower gifts, handmade clothes are a winner. Knitted cardigans, rompers and jumpers are the perfect way to put your own stamp on a baby shower present. Plus, they’ll become a wonderful keepsake for the new parents to hang onto – perhaps for baby number two!

10) Pushchair

A pushchair isn’t your average present for a baby shower, because it’ll likely be outside the usual budget for most gift givers. But a pushchair is one of those new baby essentials you just can’t do without. So, if you’re in a group of friends or colleagues, why not make a money pot and split the cost together?

11) Baby Record Book

Weight? Length? Time of arrival? These are all important details new parents want to remember after the birth of their newborn. But in the new-baby blur, not everyone can easily recall every detail. That’s why a baby record book makes a great gift for a baby shower, so parents can keep track of those special moments and milestones.

12) Mobile

A classic baby shower gift idea that both baby and mum can enjoy! A mobile can either soothe babies at night or keep them entertained when they wake up in the early hours. Either way, a mobile can help mum get a little more sleep herself.

13) Baby Bouncer

A baby bouncer is a fun present for a baby shower that’s sure to bring on lots of giggles! There are lots of bouncers suitable from birth, which is perfect for newborns who need lots of entertainment.

14) Soft Toy

Your baby’s first teddy bear could stay with them all the way through childhood. So, if you want to give one of the most memorable baby shower gifts, a super soft toy is a great choice. But they’re more than just a comforter – soft toys can actually help with sensory development and social skills.

15) Mum Hamper

Every mum needs comforting when they’re pregnant. So, why not give her a chance to chill out with a hamper? Fill it with goodies that are just for her – no baby gear in sight! Chocolates, luxury soft drinks, bath bombs and body lotion are just a few treats you might like to pop in. We’ve got even more new-mum gifts here, so make sure to check those out too.

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From keepsakes to woolly hats, there are lots of baby shower gifts which benefit both parents and their new arrival.