While baby gifts are a nice idea, a tiny newborn doesn’t understand (or need) special gifts. If you're shopping for an expecting friend or family member, why not give them something they truly need? You could make mum’s life a lot easier with a practical present, or you could pick something indulgent to make her feel good. Either way, your new mum gifts don’t have to be all about the baby!

Whether you’re shopping for the baby shower, a christening or just want to be a good friend, don’t leave mum out and give a gift that’s just for her. Stand out among the usual baby stuff with our top 10 useful presents for new mums.

Top 9 New Mum Gifts

1) Dressing Gown

Surviving the first few weeks with a baby is tough. How do you endure complete sleep deprivation, imbalanced hormones and the total exhaustion from having a new baby? There will be lots of times mum just wants to curl up on the sofa and take a break.

While a new dressing gown won’t create world peace, we find it an emotional crutch that solves a lot of our everyday problems. A comfy dressing gown is one of the best new mum gifts to support them and keep them cosy through the sleepless nights.

2) Mum and Baby Toiletries

Okay, we’ll admit it – a stack of new nappies isn’t that exciting. But mum and baby toiletries will never go to waste and are priceless for a new parent.

Make a hamper of practical baby toiletries, including nappies, baby wipes, medicine, nappy rash cream and cotton wool. Remember to include new mum gifts like breast pads, nipple cream and antibacterial hand wash. It might seem boring, but mum will be really grateful for your gift if she suddenly runs out of the essentials.

3) Baby Rocker

A baby rocker is one of the best presents for new mums who get tired arms after carrying their baby all day!

Baby rockers are ideal for getting newborns to relax and drift off to sleep. With a quick nudge from mum, baby rockers sway back and forth. The gentle motion is very soothing for babies and mirrors what it feels like in mum’s arms.

4) Luxury Bath Set

One of the top items in our new mum gifts list is a luxury bath set. Bath bombs, posh shower gel and some indulgent bubble bath will feel like a real treat for an overtired mum. Offer to look after baby and give mum an hour of interrupted pamper time – those small moments of peace will make a difference.

5) New Book

Buy mum a new book that’s not baby related and give them a place to escape during their newborn’s naps. Even if mum only has fifteen minutes while baby sleeps, she can read a few pages of her new novel and take a baby breather. Find out what genre she likes, like crime fiction or romance and give mum a moment of freedom.

6) Gift Cards

Gift cards might not seem like the most original of new mum gifts, but they are invaluable for parents who don’t have time to themselves. Treat mum to her favourite restaurant or a massage. You could also give a gift card for a high street shop, so mum can buy some postpartum clothing.

Make sure to buy a gift card that has at least a year before it expires, so mum can pick when they want to spend it.

7) Baby Changing Bag

When mum’s ready to go outside for baby’s first day out, she’ll need a changing bag to carry all the baby basics. Although you can get plain practical bags, why not make mum feel special with something more stylish?

Most new mums don’t have time to brush their hair or wear a lot of makeup. But you can give them something that has a little more oomph with a fashionable changing bag. With designs like the Harvey Tote, mum can look good, feel great and carry everything she needs on baby’s adventures.

8) Homemade Food

Cooking hearty, healthy meals is the last thing on a parent’s mind after they bring baby home. Freezable casserole dishes and one-pot dinners are ideal new mum gifts that have a thoughtful and personal touch. Make comfort food like lasagne, chilli and cottage pie and pop them in mum’s freezer so she can enjoy a family dinner without the mess.

9) Vouchers from You

One of the best new mum gifts is a set of custom vouchers from you. Make a mini chequebook of personalised services, so you can help mum with the everyday jobs that she might struggle to do with a new baby. You could offer to clean the house, tidy the garden or wash the car. Mum really appreciate your time when she doesn’t have any!

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Buying for babies is fine, but after nine months of pregnancy and giving birth, it’s mum who really needs a treat.