Day in the Life with a New Baby


5.30am – This is your wakeup call

Most parents with a new baby will quickly realise there is little chance of them getting a good night’s sleep! Life with a baby involves a lot of random wakeup times, as newborns need feeding every few hours. Days and nights may start to blur into one – sleep deprivation is very real.

Our day in the life with a new baby starts out with a 5.30am feed. Though, there’s no need to set an alarm. Your little one will no doubt make it clear they’re ready to eat, as babies often wake up crying when they’re hungry. You’ll likely need to fit in a quick nappy change as well.

6.15am – Just a few more minutes…

Your new baby is happy, fed, changed and back in their cot, giving you the chance to grab those extra ZZZs. It won’t be long before your tiny tot wakes up again, so enjoy a few moments of peace – while you still can.

7:30am – Baby’s hungry again

Second feed of the morning (and probably another change) complete, so mum can hop in the shower. Pass your little one to dad while you get a quick scrub. It’s amazing how fast you can get cleaned up when there’s a new baby around!

7:40am – Sick on dad’s suit

Cries of horror from the next room can only mean one thing. Baby’s been sick all over dad’s brand-new work suit! Quick, towel yourself off, put on some comfy clothes (AKA leggings and a jumper), before heading out the bathroom to tackle the mess.

8:00am – Breakfast time

Dad’s got a new shirt on and is out the door, leaving you to sit down and get some breakfast of your own. The coffee he made you earlier was a nice thought, but it’s already cold. At least toast and jam only takes a few minutes! Or maybe just a chocolate digestive or two…

9:00am – Baby’s drifting off

A few tiny yawns suggest your new baby is ready for another nap. Pop your infant in their cot so you can get on with your day.

9:02am – Make a start on chores

Yesterday’s dishes or the ever-growing pile of laundry? Those sick-stained shirts won’t wash themselves…

9:04am – Baby’s crying again

Chores can wait.

9:45am – Nursery rhyme time

Approximately a hundred repeats of ‘Rock-a-bye-baby’ later and your little one has drifted off back to sleep.

9:50am – Boxset binge

Time to catch up on your favourite boxsets! Having a new baby doesn’t give you a lot of time to watch live TV programmes which air at the same time – you never know when you might be needed. But a boxset makes the perfect new mum gift because it can played anytime.

10:30am – Is that a whimper?

Is that the sound of a few snuffles? Baby’s waking up again – by now, you know why – to be fed and changed. Better get to your new baby before they have a full-blown cry.

11:00am – Morning stroll

Getting out for a short walk with your new baby is good for both of you. The fresh air will wake you up but tire your little one out! Just pop your tot in their pushchair, grab your baby changing bag and you’re ready to go. Make sure your new baby is dressed for the weather, too.


12:15pm – Finally, coffee

Make a stop at your favourite café and you can finally have that hot, tasty coffee. Gingerbread lattes are back, which really must be paired with a slice of cake. Cafés are good spaces for sitting down to breastfeed in public, plus they should have changing facilities if needed. They come with a warning, though: everyone will want to check out your new baby! Be prepared for smiling strangers who have lots of questions about your little one.

1:30pm – Get to baby group

Baby groups are perfect for new parents, because everyone attending feels just the way you do. Every mum on maternity leave struggles to find time to socialise, but you might go a bit crazy if you spend your entire day cooing and singing lullabies. Lots of baby groups have sensory activities for your new baby to get involved in too, promoting their cognitive and physical development.

3:00pm – Snuggle on the sofa

When you have a new baby, just a few hours outside can make you feel like you’ve ran a marathon. Get settled and enjoy some snuggles on the sofa with your little one – while they probably want another feed and a nap.

3:30pm – Famished!

Why are you so hungry? Probably because lunch was a really long time ago – that piece of cake just wasn’t enough. Fix yourself a quick bite before baby wakes up again.

4:00pm – Make a start on chores. Again…

How did the laundry basket accumulate so many baby vests and bodysuits? You might manage to actually get your washing on this time. If you really want to go that extra mile, you could even load the dishwasher. Though, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

4:15 – Who were you kidding?

The dishes can wait. Your new baby is awake and ready to play! Enjoy some tummy time or have some springy fun with a baby bouncer. Seeing that smile and hearing those giggles makes life with a baby completely worth it!

5:00pm – Life admin

Let baby take a nap on your chest while you prop your laptop up on your knees. Check your emails, pay the utility bills and maybe head over to a few shopping sites. Christmas is coming, after all. You can use one hand to type, right?


5:30pm – Dad finishes work

Oops – forgot to take the leftover lasagne out the freezer. But when you have a new baby, a takeaway on a Tuesday is totally fine. Call dad and ask him to pick up a pizza on the way home.

6:30pm – Cheesy pizza goodness

The first proper meal you’ve had all day! You actually manage an entire twenty minutes to enjoy it, without your baby waking up.

7:00pm – Bath time

A warm bath is a great way to get your little one to chill out before bed. Dad can help with this part, too.

7:30pm – Baby is ready for bed

Pop your little one in a fresh nappy, have one more feed and settle them into their sleepsuit. Read your new baby a book – even if they don’t understand the words, the sound of your voice is comforting.

8:15pm – Relax

Get back on that sofa! Hopefully dad will be kind enough to bring you a nice cup of tea.

10:00pm – That sounded like a cry…

Baby is up again and wants yet another feed. This time, he or she doesn’t fall asleep so easily and you spend the next hour swaying and singing.

11:00pm – Everyone is ready for bed.

The whole family is tired and nothing feels better than that soft, cosy duvet!

1:15am – That didn’t last long.

Baby’s up again. Feed, change, sleep, repeat – all the way until the next morning.

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Sleep, feed, change, repeat – pretty much a standard day for a new baby. Though, it’s not so simple for the parent!