20 Simple & Easy Parenting Hacks

1) Keep Baby Clothes to One Colour

It’s a good idea to buy everyday baby clothes like vests, sleepsuits and onesies in one colour. Why? This parenting hack is perfect for keeping your washing loads to a minimum, because there’s no need to worry about colours running. No more white socks turning pink!

2) Relieve Wind with a Simple Tummy Massage

Babies who are getting used to formula or breastmilk might encounter some windy problems. But you can relieve indigestion and reflux with a gentle massage. Simply stroke your newborn’s stomach in clockwise circles to help ease their tummy troubles.

3) Put Up Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds or curtains are a great way to help baby sleep, as they stop the early morning sunshine creeping through and waking up your newborn. That way, mum and dad can get a few more minutes in bed, too.

4) Buy Sticky Labels for Bottles

Making milk in advance is one of the most time-saving baby hacks, but how do you know which bottle is from when? You can solve this by writing the date the milk was made up on a sticky label, then fix it to the bottle. Breast milk lasts up to five days in the fridge, and formula lasts up to 24 hours.

5) Use the Nappy’s Colour-Changing Line

This piece of parenting advice is one of the most common tricks that mums and dads haven’t heard about. Did you know that most nappies have a colour-changing line to indicate if baby is wet? That way, you don’t need to take off the entire nappy every time you think your newborn needs changing.

6) Fill a Bucket with Stain Remover

Reflux and poo explosions are terrible for staining baby clothes. Keep a bucket of cold water mixed with stain-removing solution near your washing machine, so you can leave soiled clothes to soak before popping them in the wash. Always check the label first, in case you have any sensitive fabrics.

7) Keep Your Changing Bag Packed

There’s nothing worse than getting to the supermarket changing room to realise you’ve left your nappies at home. Always keep your changing bag packed, ready and waiting at the front door, so you never forget anything.

8) Bodysuits Go Down, Not Up

Use this baby hack to avoid your little one getting messy during changing time! With extreme nappy emergencies, pull their bodysuit or onesie down – not up – so you don’t accidentally wipe your baby’s head.

9) Store Changing Essentials in Handy Baskets

Simple, cheap storage boxes are easily found in pound stores or supermarkets. Keep them in the rooms you and baby hang out in most, like the living room or the bedroom. Then, fill these baskets up with basics like nappies, creams and cotton wool. They’re perfect for keeping changing essentials handy, so you’ve never stuck with a bare-bottomed baby and no nappies!

10) Spare Clothes for You, You and You

Going out with your baby? Bring a spare outfit for everyone! With regular changes, reflux problems and the rest of your average baby accidents, newborns are very likely to make a mess of their clothes – and mum’s and dad’s, too. Pack an extra t-shirt for the parents, plus a spare bodysuit for baby, just in case.

11) Buttons and Poppers are Your Best Friends

Babies normally don’t like anything that pulls over their head. Avoid clothes like jumpers, sweaters and t-shirts. Stick to onesies and bodysuits with poppers and buttons, so they can be taken off in flash.

12) Get a Bouncer That Does Both

Want a bouncer that works for relax and play? Try our LoBo2 Baby Bouncer. It’s got two positions – one for sitting up and socialising, and the other for chilling out.

13) Don’t Take the Clothes Airer Down

They may be small, but babies have big wardrobes. You’ll find yourself constantly washing vests, sleepsuits and tiny socks by the boatload. Save yourself some hassle with one of our most time-saving baby hacks – keep the clothes airer up. It’s only a small job, but putting the airer up and down three times a day will get very boring!

14) Cute Bib – Not a Cute Outfit

Special occasion, or just feeling fancy? Use a cute bib instead of an entire outfit on dress up days. That way, if baby has a little spit-up, you can quickly remove the bib, leaving a completely clean outfit underneath.

15) Hold Ankles Together

Control those mini, kickboxing legs during nappy changes with this baby hack. Gently hold your newborn’s ankles together and lift their legs carefully. This will help you remove the dirty nappy and slide a clean one underneath. It’s also useful for checking in case any mess has made its way up baby’s back.

16) Don’t Free the Pee

If you have a baby boy, this parenting tip is for you. Boys have the tendency to free the pee during nappy changes, which usually ends up with mum or dad getting hit in the face! Avoid this by making a shield with the nappy or a wipe.

17) Cut Baby’s Nails During Naptime

If your baby’s nails need a trim, cut them when your little one’s asleep. Your baby will be much less wriggly, making it easier to snip off long nails.

18) Apply Nappy Rash Cream with Baby Wipes

Fed up with sticky hands covered in cream? This is one of our most unique baby hacks, but it really works. Dip a wipe into your pot of nappy rash cream, then apply as normal. Baby’s rash gets treated, and you don’t have to spend the next ten minutes trying to clean up.

19) White Noise Alternatives in the Home

White noise is often recommended to help babies relax and sleep. But if you don’t have a special white noise machine lying around, you can create a similar sound effect at home. Try using a hairdryer or vacuum cleaner as an alternative to white noise – your baby might love it!

20) Roll Up, Roll Up

Our last piece of parenting advice will see you getting ready to roll. Instead of folding up baby clothes, simply roll them into a neat, sausage-like shape. Rolling keeps drawers tidy and saves on space, giving you more room for the rest of your bits and bobs!

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Our baby hacks are super easy to do at home, so you have more time to spend with your new arrival!