It’s a familiar story for most new parents – and a completely understandable one. The majority of new mums don’t have time to think about how they look. Life with a newborn is far too busy to even consider anything beyond a quick hair brush in the morning. And if you don’t have time for that, we won’t judge!

But it’s really important for mums to take care of themselves – and that means having the occasional treat!

No doubt all your friends and family have showered your bundle of joy with toys and gifts. But why should babies have all the fun? Why not get something special for yourself?

Wait, you might think. I can’t afford to! Okay, everyone wants to cut the cost of having a baby. We don’t want you to splash out on the latest Prada baby gear. But you can treat yourself to something you’ll use every day – a baby changing bag.

Stylish changing bags can be hard to come by if you want to avoid a designer price tag. But with the new BabaBing! Tilly Tote changing bag, you can look good and feel great without the expense. Read our top six reasons why we love the Tilly Tote and find out why we think it’s one of the most stylish changing bags!

6 Reasons Why the Tilly Tote Is One of Our Most Stylish Changing Bags

1) It’s Totes In

Back-to-school fashion is in! Tote bags are hugely on trend at the moment and they’re not just for kids. With lots of room to carry whatever you need for everyday life, we’re not surprised tote bags are so popular. They’re the perfect combination of style and space.

But for new mums, their bag space probably won’t be filled up with lipsticks and perfume. In fact, a parent’s bag is more likely to be bursting with nappies and wipes. Luckily, a tote changing bag can hold it all.

2) Two Trendy Colours

Leopard print. Paisley. Neon pink. All lovely designs, we’re sure. But when you don’t have time to worry about what matches what, patterns, prints and crazy colours are not what you need.

The Tilly Tote is one of our most stylish changing bags because it comes in two neutral but trendy colours. Choose between nautical navy or classic black and achieve a simple look that never goes out of style.

3) Chic Leatherette Handles

Okay, we know baby bags need to be practical. When you’re out and about with your little one, your bag will battle spilled milk, grass stains, or that squished banana you forgot about…

So the Tilly Tote has been constructed using strong polyester fabric, making it easy to wipe clean after a long day of family fun. But we’ve also added some chic leatherette handles and pullers to add a designer edge to one of our most stylish changing bags. Not only do they look great, but they feel soft and smooth, giving you a little everyday luxury during baby’s day out.

4) Designer Look, Affordable Price Tag

Gucci Kids, Burberry Baby, Armani Newborn – we’ve seen designer changing bags that cost over £1,000!

If you’re like us and wouldn’t spend that much on bags in a year, you’ll need something more affordable. Priced under £60, our stylish changing bags are a steal for mums who need a treat but want to stay within their baby budget.

5) It Still Works Just like a Baby Bag

Stylish changing bags aren’t very useful if they can’t carry all your baby essentials. Fortunately, the Tilly Tote is both trendy and practical. It still works just like a standard baby bag.

With wipe-clean fabric, two insulated bottle holders, four nappy and wipe pouches and an inclusive changing mat, the Tilly Tote has a full range of features for your baby basics. It also has extra pockets for your own belongings, so you can keep your phone and purse safe when you’re adventuring with baby.

The Tilly Tote even comes with free pushchair clips to securely fasten your bag to your pram. And of course, they’re matching!

6) It’ll Replace Your Regular Handbag

You might not think it now, but your baby’s going to grow up – fast. There’ll be some time in the future where your bag won’t be overflowing with nappy rash cream and muslins!

But with stylish changing bags, you don’t need to throw them away once your little one gets older. The Tilly Tote looks just like a regular handbag and can be reused for as long as you like.

The bottle holders? Keep your own water in them. All those extra compartments? Use them for makeup, sunglasses, hand cream, toiletries or any other handbag essentials. Plus, you can always hang onto the Tilly Tote just in case of baby number two!

Get your very own Tilly Tote changing bag from BabaBing! and receive free next day UK delivery when you order today!

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Designed by the BabaBing! changing bag experts, the Tilly Tote blends style and substance to give you a fashionable changing bag which is truly en vogue.