Getting ready for your baby’s day out might seem like an impossible task. You can never predict when your youngster might feel hungry or need their nappy changing.

But finding the right baby changing bag to hold all your mummy stuff doesn’t need to be a problem. We've done the work for you with our BabaBing DayTripper Deluxe review. From its design and functions to the extra freebies you can get, we look at this changing bag’s top features and find out why it can really work for you and your family.

BabaBing! DayTripper Deluxe Review


This BabaBing! changing bag is both stylish and practical in design. It’s simple, trendy and modern – fashion without the fuss!

The last thing new mums need to worry about is their clothes matching. But the DayTripper Deluxe comes in either black or grey, so it’ll coordinate with any outfit.

It’s unisex too. There’s not a hint of flowery patterns or sequinned leopard print! The neutral BabaBing! DayTripper doesn’t feel like a ladies’ handbag, so dad won’t feel embarrassed on baby’s day out.

Getting in and out of the bag’s not a problem either. With an easy-to-lift Velcro flap, mums and dads can grab their baby essentials quickly – which is great in a toilet emergency! The BabaBing! DayTripper Deluxe also has large chunky zips so pockets can be opened and closed easily.


This BabaBing! changing bag is constructed using weather and batter-proof fabric, so it’s perfect for even windy and rainy days out. When the weather’s miserable, there’s nothing better than staying inside and having a cuddle with your baby.

But sometimes you have to brave the outdoors – even if it’s just to the corner shop for a pint of milk. Luckily, the BabaBing! DayTripper Deluxe is resilient and sturdy, so it’s great for protecting your baby gear when out and about.


Baby bags need to be the right size to pack everything on your changing bag checklist. Large items like your changing mat take up a lot of room, but they’re an essential you can’t do without.

The BabaBing! DayTripper Deluxe measures 40cm width x 34cm height x 17cm depth, giving you plenty of space to transport the baby basics. It has the capacity to hold a supersize changing mat, a large bottle and all the rest of your baby paraphernalia. No rummaging required when you’re searching for that last nappy!


Pockets for wipes, pockets for nappies, pockets for muslins – our baby changing bags have it all!

This BabaBing! changing bag has a multitude of pouches and compartments to make accessing your gear simple. Each pocket has its own individual label to quickly remind you of where you’re keeping what!

Featuring a special insulated bottle holder that’s ideal for feeding time, the bag also includes a wipeable ‘bin’ pouch for dirty nappies.

But the Deluxe Daytripper doesn’t just have pockets for your baby. This changing bag’s designed for parents – it caters for mum and dad’s stuff too! There’s an extra shoulder pocket to store your phone, cards or cash that can be easily reached when your hands get too full.

Changing Mat

Not every baby changing bag comes with its own travel changing mat. But the BabaBing! Deluxe DayTripper has got you covered.

When your baby needs to go, they need to go. But what happens when you’re out for a walk in the park and there’s no clean facilities nearby?

Fortunately, this baby bag includes a supersized changing mat that can be removed anytime, giving you safe hygienic space to change your little one in public.

The mat doesn’t take up room in the bag’s main compartment either, so no space is compromised. The next time you go on an adventure with your baby, you’re free to bring whatever you need without overstuffing the bag.


Lugging a bag around all day with all your heavy baby gear can take its toll. But the BabaBing! DayTripper Deluxe features a soft adjustable strap that feels comfy when resting on your shoulder.

Or why not completely relax and don’t carry it at all? The strap’s strong and thick enough for you to neatly hang your baby changing bag on the back of your pushchair. Accessing your things will be much easier too!

Extra Features

Of course, you always get a few little extras with a BabaBing! changing bag. Check out the additional removeable bottle holder. It’s great for longer days out when your baby needs feeding twice, but you don’t have the facilities to sterilise your first bottle. Plus, our baby changing bags have inclusive dummy hangers. You’ll never lose your baby’s dummy again!

We’re even offering freebies with the DayTripper City Deluxe, one of the latest additions to our baby changing bags range! It comes in black too.

This chic satchel comes with free pushchair clips which securely clip the bag to your pram. If that wasn’t enough, this changing bag also comes with a soft terry towelling changing mat cover. Your little one will feel snug and warm, even during nappy changes.

BabaBing! has a huge choice of stylish and neutral baby changing bags designed with modern parents in mind. Order today and receive free next day delivery, year-round returns and friendly customer service from BabaBing!

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