But while that expensive silk bedding set seems tempting, it’s a good idea to firstly check out the baby basics you’ll actually find useful. Trust us, silk sheets won’t work well with your tot’s inevitable little accidents!

What new parents do need is a quality baby high chair. When your infant’s around six months old, you can begin to introduce solid foods into their diet. Breast milk or formula will give them the nutrients needed up until this point, but when your baby’s ready they can start to enjoy soft solid food like cooked mashed potato, veggies and fruit. This is when feeding time can start to get really messy!

Little ones will show an interest in food by picking it up with their fingers and feeding themselves. This is valuable for their development but naturally, some of that tasty pea purée will end up somewhere other than your baby’s mouth.

It’s good for your youngster to sit at the table during family dinners, so they can feel involved and enjoy babbling in their feeding chair. It also gives parents the chance to grab a bite themselves while helping their little one eat at the same time.

Choosing the right baby high chair can be daunting for any new mums and dads. There are hundreds of designs out there, and it might seem difficult to find a high seat chair that perfectly suits you and your family.

That’s why we’ve put together our top five tips for choosing the best baby high chair, including the key criteria you need to look for and where to buy them.

Top 5 Tips for Choosing Your Baby Chair

1) It is Comfortable?

Our first tip for deciding on the best high chair? Make sure it’s comfy! Babies often take a long time to eat solid food, especially in the early stages and even more so if they’re feeding themselves.

A comfortable baby chair will have a soft, padded seat to cushion your little one. You should also look for a feeding chair that comes with a built-in footplate, so your infant can easily rest their feet – swinging legs can make mealtimes quite wobbly!

Finally, stick to traditional wooden or plastic styles when choosing your chair. Avoid metal high seat chairs that can cause static and can give your baby a nasty electric shock.

2) Is it Safe?

Safety is any parents’ priority with their new baby, and finding a secure feeding chair is extremely important. Toddler high chairs must have the appropriate straps to fasten your little one in at mealtimes, so they can’t wriggle out and accidentally fall.

The best baby high chairs have a durable harness to keep infants firmly strapped in. Even the squirmiest of babies can enjoy playing and eating in their feeding chair if they’re completely secure.

3) Is it Cleanable?

Mushed-up banana. Crusty old baby cereal. Toast crumbs! High seat chairs are unfortunately one of the biggest attractions for mess. Feeding time might sound fun when you’re little one’s learning to eat independently, but the clean-up can be a huge problem.

Luckily, the best high chairs are easily wipeable, so you can clean up those spillages without too much effort. Some chairs also have a detachable feeding tray that can be removed and cleaned thoroughly in the kitchen sink.

Always make sure to properly wipe down any leftover food spills after your tiny tot’s finished eating (and you’ve taken them out their high chair). Anti-bacterial baby wipes are useful for keeping surfaces germ free – just make sure to read the label and check they’re safe to use around your little one.

4) Is it Multi-Functional?

Lots of new parents find they splash out on an expensive toddler high chair, without realising their baby will likely stop using it when they’re around two years old. To avoid letting it sit gathering dust in the garage, try to find a multi-functional high chair that transforms into a regular seat for teens and adults!

The best baby high chairs will have detachable features (like a removable feeding tray) and should be able to support the weight of a fully-grown person. The actual seat should also be large enough for an adult to sit comfortably in.

This is one of the biggest practical features new mums and dads miss out on when purchasing their baby seat. But it’s perfect for when your baby gets older and will save money in the future, especially if you choose a minimal stylish design that will work with any interior design.

5) Is it Affordable?

While you might feel like going crazy when expecting your first baby, there’s really no need when you can find inexpensive, reasonably-priced high seat chairs.

You’ll see some models costing more than £600, which is highly likely to be way out of your budget. Babies are expensive! But you can definitely cut down on your spending when looking for the best baby chair. Shop around for affordable designs – we suspect your baby isn’t really bothered about that rose gold finish, or the down feather padding and leatherette harness!

Deciding on the Right Baby Chair for Your Family

While we’re sure our top tips will help you come to a conclusion, picking the best baby high chair is ultimately your decision. Remember to prioritise your baby’s comfort and safety, while working out which style will fit into your budget.

Try looking for a minimal design that will blend in with any home décor, so if you do end up reusing your feeding chair, it’ll seem like part of the furniture in any house – including granny’s!

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Having a high seat chair is important for your baby to have a clean, safe space to enjoy their first solid mealtimes.