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What Should You Feed Your Baby?

Baby Feeding In High Chair Congratulations on your new arrival! Expecting a baby is very exciting, and we’re sure you’re doing everything you can to prepare for your upcoming little one. From choosing the best baby changing bag to deciding how to decorate the nursery, there are a lot of things to think about when pregnant. But one of the most important issues to consider has to be how you’re going to feed your baby.

There’s no doubt you’ll feel overwhelmed by all the information out there. When advice gets passed on from your yummy mummy friend, your mother-in-law, or that nosy neighbour next door, it’s easy to get confused! That’s why we’ve prepared this simple and handy baby feeding guide to help you discover what’s best for you and your family.

Your new arrival will usually be ready to feed within the first hour of birth. Of course, it doesn’t stop there – they’ll continue to devour everything in your kitchen cupboards right up until they move out (we’re looking at you, teenagers!). But to help get you ready for the early stages, we look at what you should be feeding your little one from 0-12 months.

Remember, every baby has their own personality and will develop their own eating habits. This guide can help, but won’t worry if your little one doesn’t want to progress as quickly as others. Infants will let you know when they’re ready to sit in their baby feeding chair and eat solid food. If you’re concerned, have a chat with your GP and they’ll be able to offer their support.

The Age-by-Age Baby Feeding Guide

Begin with Breast Milk or Formula: 0-3 months

Newborn babies have tiny tummies, so need to be fed often in their first few months. Their stomach isn’t ready for solid food just yet. Babies get all the nutrients they need from breast milk or formula – you don’t need to feed them anything else for the first six months.

Research does show that breastfeeding is better than formula milk for a number of reasons. Breast milk is made just for your baby, and can build a unique bond between you and your infant. It also offers health benefits for you and your little one by reducing the risk of illness for you both. More than 70% of mums in the UK start breastfeeding – it’s more common than you might think.

Of course, not everyone prefers breastfeeding and you can use formula if necessary. Don’t worry if you’re having difficulties feeding at first – your GP will be able to help if you’re having problems.

Either way, your baby feeding time will be between 10-15 times a day. It’s a full-time job for new parents and means getting up every few hours, even during the night.

Baby’s Getting Hungry: 3-6 Months

When your baby’s 3-6 months old, you should still be feeding them breast milk or formula only. You’ll now have a regular feeding pattern with your infant and they’ll expect to bed fed at consistent times.

Babies tend to start getting hungrier at this stage and will be gaining weight gradually. Your little one will likely start crying (loudly!) for milk and will make it clear when they’re ready to be fed.

Starting on Solid Food: 6-9 Months

Baby feeding between 6-9 months means you can start introducing solid foods into their diet alongside their breast milk or formula. Look out for signs your little one’s ready:

1) Babies can pick up food and feed themselves independently

2) They can hold their head and sit up without help in a baby high chair

3) Food can be swallowed easily

If your infant starts demonstrating this behaviour after the six-month mark, pop them in their baby chair and get ready for mealtimes with your youngster.

Mashed up veggies like white or sweet potato, carrots and parsnips, or mushed-up cooked fruit including peaches, apples and pears are a great place to start for early baby feeding.

When your little one can confidently hold food in their fist, give them soft bitesize pieces of banana so they can learn to chew. Over time, you’ll learn your baby’s able to enjoy more foods like puréed meat and fish (with all bones carefully removed), mashed hard-boiled eggs, baby cereal, pasta, toast and yogurt.

Introduce new foods one at a time, waiting a few days before giving them something new. Make sure to seat them comfortably in a baby feeding chair during mealtimes, so you can easily clean up inevitable crumbs!

Remember, your baby still needs breast milk or formula during this time. You’re able to give them sips of water with meals too.

Preparing for Three Meals a Day: 9-12 Months

Between 9-12 months, your little one will be sitting upright in their baby high chair, enjoying three regular meals per day. Give them a varied diet that includes:

  • Cooked mashed-up fruits and vegetables
  • Protein-rich foods like meat, fish, eggs and beans
  • Starchy foods such as pasta, potato, rice and bread
  • Dairy products like yogurt and soft cheese

Little ones like finger foods you can lay out on their baby chair tray, so you can enjoy mealtimes while encouraging their development. They should be able to securely hold bitesize snacks and eat some things independently.

Baby feeding at this stage should still include breast milk or formula.

Holy Cow! (Milk): 12+ Months

Once your baby’s 12 months old, they’ll be eating a range of foods and will continue to need three meals a day. But your infant can now drink whole cows’ milk.

In the earlier stages, cows’ milk won’t give your baby the nutrients they need. This changes once they turn one year old. You can keep breastfeeding during baby feeding time, but they’ll need the fat, vitamins and energy from whole cows’ milk to promote healthy growth and development.

Enjoy simple and easy mealtimes with your little one and check out our great collection of baby high chairs from BabaBing! We have a wide range of quality, durable and adaptable feeding chairs that will suit any family home.

With unbeatable customers service, 365 day returns and free next day delivery available, BabaBing! has all your baby needs covered. Browse our choice of baby chairs online today!

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What to look for when buying a high chair?

Lots of experienced mums and dads might give you advice on the must-have baby essentials that you absolutely need to buy. But while that expensive silk bedding set seems tempting, it’s a good idea to firstly check out the baby basics you’ll actually find useful. Trust us, silk sheets won’t work well with your tot’s inevitable little accidents!

What new parents do need is a quality baby high chair. When your infant’s around six months old, you can begin to introduce solid foods into their diet. Breast milk or formula will give them the nutrients needed up until this point, but when your baby’s ready they can start to enjoy soft solid food like cooked mashed potato, veggies and fruit. This is when feeding time can start to get really messy!

Having a high seat chair is important for your baby to have a clean, safe space to enjoy their first solid mealtimes. Little ones will show an interest in food by picking it up with their fingers and feeding themselves. This is valuable for their development but naturally, some of that tasty pea purée will end up somewhere other than your baby’s mouth.

It’s good for your youngster to sit at the table during family dinners, so they can feel involved and enjoy babbling in their feeding chair. It also gives parents the chance to grab a bite themselves while helping their little one eat at the same time.

Choosing the right baby high chair can be daunting for any new mums and dads. There are hundreds of designs out there, and it might seem difficult to find a high seat chair that perfectly suits you and your family.

That’s why we’ve put together our top five tips for choosing the best baby high chair, including the key criteria you need to look for and where to buy them.

Top Five Tips for Choosing Your Baby Chair

1) It is Comfortable?

Our first tip for deciding on the best high chair? Make sure it’s comfy! Babies often take a long time to eat solid food, especially in the early stages and even more so if they’re feeding themselves.

A comfortable baby chair will have a soft, padded seat to cushion your little one. You should also look for a feeding chair that comes with a built-in footplate, so your infant can easily rest their feet – swinging legs can make mealtimes quite wobbly!

Finally, stick to traditional wooden or plastic styles when choosing your chair. Avoid metal high seat chairs that can cause static and can give your baby a nasty electric shock.

2) Is it Safe?

Safety is any parents’ priority with their new baby, and finding a secure feeding chair is extremely important. Toddler high chairs must have the appropriate straps to fasten your little one in at mealtimes, so they can’t wriggle out and accidentally fall.

The best baby high chairs have a durable harness to keep infants firmly strapped in. Even the squirmiest of babies can enjoy playing and eating in their feeding chair if they’re completely secure.

3) Is it Cleanable?

Mushed-up banana. Crusty old baby cereal. Toast crumbs! High seat chairs are unfortunately one of the biggest attractions for mess. Feeding time might sound fun when you’re little one’s learning to eat independently, but the clean-up can be a huge problem.

Luckily, the best high chairs are easily wipeable, so you can clean up those spillages without too much effort. Some chairs also have a detachable feeding tray that can be removed and cleaned thoroughly in the kitchen sink.

Always make sure to properly wipe down any leftover food spills after your tiny tot’s finished eating (and you’ve taken them out their high chair). Anti-bacterial baby wipes are useful for keeping surfaces germ free – just make sure to read the label and check they’re safe to use around your little one.

4) Is it Multi-Functional?

Lots of new parents find they splash out on an expensive toddler high chair, without realising their baby will likely stop using it when they’re around two years old. To avoid letting it sit gathering dust in the garage, try to find a multi-functional high chair that transforms into a regular seat for teens and adults!

The best baby high chairs will have detachable features (like a removable feeding tray) and should be able to support the weight of a fully-grown person. The actual seat should also be large enough for an adult to sit comfortably in.

This is one of the biggest practical features new mums and dads miss out on when purchasing their baby seat. But it’s perfect for when your baby gets older and will save money in the future, especially if you choose a minimal stylish design that will work with any interior design.

5) Is it Affordable?

While you might feel like going crazy when expecting your first baby, there’s really no need when you can find inexpensive, reasonably-priced high seat chairs.

You’ll see some models costing more than £600, which is highly likely to be way out of your budget. Babies are expensive! But you can definitely cut down on your spending when looking for the best baby chair. Shop around for affordable designs – we suspect your baby isn’t really bothered about that rose gold finish, or the down feather padding and leatherette harness!

Deciding on the Right Baby Chair for Your Family

While we’re sure our top tips will help you come to a conclusion, picking the best baby high chair is ultimately your decision. Remember to prioritise your baby’s comfort and safety, while working out which style will fit into your budget.

Try looking for a minimal design that will blend in with any home décor, so if you do end up reusing your feeding chair, it’ll seem like part of the furniture in any house – including granny’s!

BabaBing! has a fantastic collection of compact, clean and modern baby high chairs available. With a choice of neutral but stylish colours, it’s simple to find the right design for your home and your family. Make mealtimes easy with your little one and browse our full range of baby chairs today!

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Baby Christmas Presents

Festive songs start blasting on the radio, selection boxes are in the shops, and next door have already put up their crazy light show that blinds the entire street. We know what that means – Christmas is coming! But looking for the perfect holiday present can be difficult – and if you have friends or family with a new arrival, you’ll no doubt want to find an amazing baby’s first Christmas gift.

It’s tempting to buy lots of Christmas gifts for new parents they won’t really need. While sentimental and personalised pressies are a lovely touch, it’s a good idea to give new mums and dads something practical too. That’s why we’ve put together a list of useful and affordable baby Christmas presents for parents that work all year round.

Forget those gem-encrusted baby shoes or that designer sleepsuit (which will likely end up covered in baby spit-up). Choose some of the best gifts for new parents and really wow them this Christmas!

Practical Baby Christmas Present Ideas for New Parents

1) Baby Changing Bags

Baby changing bags are one of the most valuable items a new parent needs. Carrying around all the baby basics (trust us, there’s a lot) is really difficult with a regular handbag. Formula bottles, nappies, wipes – when it all adds up, baby essentials are heavy, unwieldy and a downright pain to transport!

If you’re looking for a useful Christmas gift for new parents, a changing bag is a great place to start. You’ll be remembered on every family day out, whether it’s just a short trip to the supermarket or a long weekend away.

When choosing the best changing bag for baby’s first Christmas, make sure to look out for these key features:

· A changing mat
A good changing bag will come with an integrated changing mat, so you can have peace of mind when taking little ones out in public. When mums and dads head off to the high street or go for a walk in the park, a changing bag and mat combination gives them a safe space to hygienically change their baby’s nappy.

· Wipe-clean surfaces
Taking a baby anywhere means you’ll be followed by some unescapable messes! If you’re looking for baby Christmas presents for new mums and dads, give them a changing bag that’s easy to clean. Wipe-clean surfaces and washable bags will be a new parent’s best friend when they face predictable baby spillages and little accidents.

· Lots of pockets
A normal handbag just won’t do – they don’t have enough pockets! Baby bags come with a variety of pouches on the inside and the outside to carry everything mum or dad might need. Some changing bags even have a special insulated compartment to hold a baby bottle for on-the-go feeding.

There’s plenty of neutral designs out there too, so this isn’t just a present for new mums – dads can wear baby changing bags too. That’s why they’re such a versatile and practical Christmas gift for new parents and will be really appreciated.

2) Baby Bouncers and Rockers

When you’re buying Christmas presents for mums and dads, give them a break and buy them a baby bouncer or rocker. It’s another brilliant gift idea because they can give new parents a moment to themselves.

Baby bouncers are perfect for playtime, keeping infants happy and giggly as they enjoy the fun springy movement. You can also find baby rockers that soothe and calm babies, with the gentle swaying motion helping them doze off.

Useful Christmas presents for parents are hard to come by, but baby bouncers and rockers are incredibly valuable when mum or dad needs to answer the door or make a quick cup of tea. There are lots of affordable designs available, and some come with extra accessories like vibration modes and toy bars.

Add a baby bouncer or rocker onto your shopping list this year and give one of the best gifts for new parents. There are lots of age ranges available, starting as young as birth.

3) Baby High Chair

Lots of new parents forget they need a baby high chair because they won’t need to use it in the first few months after birth. But when their infant’s aged between four-six months, a feeding chair will be essential for making mealtimes simple.

A high chair is one of the best Christmas presents for newborns, because mum and dad might have forgotten to buy one already. Although they might not need it right now, they certainly will in just a few months’ time.

If you’re looking for a really great baby high chair, choose an adaptable design that can be used over and over again. You can find feeding chairs with detachable trays, transforming a baby high chair into a stylish adult seat. Parents will love this for baby’s first Christmas, because you’re actually giving them a lifetime gift that will always stay in the family.

Finding the perfect Christmas presents for new mums and dads doesn’t have to be a challenge this year. BabaBing! has a huge selection of high-quality, stylish and practical baby products, including our award-winning changing bags, baby bouncers, high chairs and more, always offered at the most affordable prices.

Make their festive celebrations really special with baby Christmas presents that are perfect for new parents and parents-to-be. Shop online today and get free next day delivery, 365 day returns and outstanding customers service, only at BabaBing!

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Baby Rocker vs. Baby Bouncer

Baby Bouncer Vs Baby Rocker There’s no doubt that becoming a parent is exhausting for most new mums and dads. Babies are tiring right from the get-go, but luckily most little ones love baby bouncers or baby rockers that can be used straight from birth. Even answering the door can seem like an impossible task with a newborn, which is unsurprising as they need so much attention. Taking ten minutes to shower will seem like a luxury for most parents who can’t leave their little one alone.

That’s why investing in a rocker or bouncer will be one of the best decisions you make when you’re expecting. But how do you decide which one to get? We compare the two, and look at both their pros and cons to help you find the best baby bouncer chair or rocker for your new arrival.

What’s the Difference Between a Baby Rocker and a Baby Bouncer Seat?

First things first, it’s important to know why baby bouncers and rockers are different. There are so many different styles and designs out there you might feel overwhelmed when picking what’s right for your little one. But comparing the two will help you decide on the best baby rocker or bouncer for your lifestyle and your family.

A Baby Bouncer Seat Is Usually Designed for Playtime.

Babies love to play, so most little ones love the fun up-and-down feeling of a bouncer chair. They’ll often stay put for a long time while enjoying the stimulating springy movements that keep playful babies happy and entertained. Some tots like to go really crazy and will kick their legs in excitement, and you might find some extreme bouncing on your hands!

Some of the best baby bouncers take things one step further and have additional features like toys and vibrations. Cute teddies and other soft animals can hang from the bouncer toy bar, giving your baby the opportunity to reach out to play with their furry friends.

It’s also suggested that baby bouncers can help your child’s development by strengthening their leg muscles during bouncing time. This helps prepare your little one for the future crawling and walking stages while giving them exercise in their early months.

Bouncers move when gently pushed by the parent – they are motion powered. You need to lightly pull the bouncer chair forward to move your little one, and then the springy mechanisms allow your baby to bounce right back. This back-and-forth motion might continue for a short time, but you’ll need to stay close to your infant to keep things moving.

When your baby’s older, typically aged six-nine months, they might be strong enough to work their baby bouncer chair without their parent’s aid. Don’t worry if your tiny tot doesn’t like to spring independently – they’ll still love mum or dad helping them along in their baby bouncer seat.

A Baby Rocker Is Normally Intended for Naptime.

baby rockers usually swing gently back and forth or side to side while your little ones lie back and relax. This rocking motion soothes babies, and usually just need a quick nudge from mum or dad to get the movement going. Research shows this motion can remind babies of their time in the womb, allowing infants to feel more comfortable and peaceful when sleeping. Most new parents replicate this movement by carrying their newborn in their arms.

Of course, you’ll normally start to feel intensely drained from hours of swaying when attempting to get your little one down for a nap. But many babies just won’t sleep without this. That’s why baby rockers are great for giving your tired arms a break. Then, when your infant eventually drifts off to sleep in their baby rocker, you can have a short break, or even leave the room briefly to make a well-earned cup of tea. Some of the best baby rockers are especially useful for getting household chores done – though we don’t mind if you leave those dirty dishes for another day!

But How to Decide? Baby Rocker vs Baby Bouncer: The Results

Some new parents don’t actually choose between the two – they end up with both! Baby bouncers and baby rockers seem to have two very different functions that are equally essential to a happy newborn. But if you’re looking for the best of both worlds without the extra cost, it’s easy to find a baby rocker seat or bouncer that will entertain and relax your baby. The best baby bouncer seat or rocker will be multi-functional. Look for ones that have different position settings, so you can sit baby upright for playtime, then lie them back down for a comforting nap.

All baby bouncer chairs and rockers should have suitable head rests and straps to secure your youngster and make sure they’re safe when used appropriately. Make sure to always read the label, and check the age, height and weight limit for all baby gear.

Deciding between the best baby rocker or bouncer chair can be a tough choice. When expecting a new arrival, lots of parents-to-be are overwhelmed with all the advice they hear from their in-laws, friends with babies, or the experienced second-time mum from prenatal class.

It’s most important is to determine what’s right for you and your baby. Whether you choose a baby bouncer, baby rocker or a combination of the two, your little one will let you know what they like best.

BabaBing! has a fantastic selection of award-winning bouncers and rockers in a range of neutral colours and designs that look great in any home. They’re also lightweight and compact, so can be carried and stored anywhere. With extra features like fun soft toys, soothing vibration settings and a variety of positions, you’ll be spoilt for choice with our full collection of baby bouncers and rockers.

For affordable, stylish and practical baby products perfect for mums and dads, shop online today and get next day delivery, 365 day returns and unbeatable customers service from BabaBing!

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WIN one of 10 hotpocs in our latest competition!!

ly1dyq0rai6iTwas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The bababing! team gave out a big cheer
As the deliveryman appeared and the HotPocs were here…

Well, OK, it was a few days before Christmas rather than the night before, but we were thrilled to take supply of our latest product, the HotPoc, before 2014 ended and to celebrate their arrival as well as give you a new year treat we have decided to run a little competition where we will be giving ten of them away!

HotPoc lets you warm your baby bottle on the go, anywhere and anytime. Simply pop your bottle in the HotPoc pouch, press the ‘Click & Go’ button and you’ve got a warm bottle in as fast as 10 minutes.

HotPoc can be re-used 100’s of times and is simply recharged using an electric or microwave steam steriliser.

No batteries or fuss required 🙂

To enter the prize draw simply leave your name and email address below and keep your fingers crossed until Friday 30th January when we draw the winners…share the competition on twitter or facebook and we’ll give you a 2nd entry to the competition!


Prize Draw Terms & Conditions:

  • The competition will close at midnight on Thursday 22nd January 2015.
  • No purchase is necessary.
  • Only one entry per person will be allowed into the draw by using the form.
  • A second entry will be made available to people who share the competition page through facebook or twitter
  • The winners will be the first 10 entries randomly selected from the list of entrants.
  • The draw will be made on Friday 30th January 2015.
  • There will be ten competition winners only.
  • The winners will receive a bababing! HotPoc.
  • No cash alternative will be made available.
  • We reserve the right to change the prize at short notice.
  • The winner will be notified by email.
  • The winner will be listed on the bababing! Facebook page by 6pm the next working day after the draw takes place.
  • By entering the competition, you agree that you have read and understood these terms and conditions.
  • Any information entered will NOT be passed on to any third party companies or persons.
  • From time to time we may contact you with offers and/or promotions of interest to you, using the email address you supply to enter this prize draw.
  • This competition is open to UK residents only.



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Our RockOut Rocker wins Gold at the Mother & Baby Awards!

5goysxk5x58wOur RockOut Rocker wins Gold at the Mother & Baby Awards What a result. What a night. We took the Gold Award at the Mother & Baby Awards 2013 – the Oscars of the maternity industry! We went in hoping for a Bronze and had the time of our lives when it was announced that we had won the converted Gold Awards, whooping and dancing our way to the stage at the Park Lane Hilton, London.

Of course we went on to celebrate in style, cutting some proper shapes old skool style on the dance floor around our trophy. The perfect payback for many hours of design, development, and testing.

To say we were delighted would be a massive understatement: we whooped, cheered and danced our way to the stage to collect the gong, and spent the rest of the night on the dance floor celebrating our very well deserved win.

The RockOut Rocker is designed to sooth and calm your baby with its smooth and steady rocking motion, being more Clapton than Motorhead.

Featuring stability legs which you simply flick out to stop the rock, creating a handy feeding seat. The plectrum lever gives the rocker 3 easily adjustable positions; upright, laid back and chillin’ out; and also allows it quickly collapse. Making it totally portable for travelling and nice and compact for storing when space is tight.

One of the lightest rockers on the market, the RockOut also features an easy to use 5 point safety harness as well as an adjustable and removable toy bar from which two adorable soft toys, ‘Pog and Panjo’ hang; perfect to keep your baby entertained.

Ashley Robinson, Co-Founder of BabaBing explains why the RockOut is the best designed and most affordable baby rocker on the market: “We decided to re-design a baby rocker to offer an affordable good design to everyone, which offers some unique features like the plectrum lever which allows you to adjust the rocker in one single action.”

The Mother & Baby testers certainly agreed, scoring high points for folding flat for easy transportation and being very affordable.  One tester said “The BabaBing! RockOut is the best baby chair I’ve seen or used. It is so simple but does absolutely everything you need a baby chair to do,” – what a ringing endorsement!

A huge thank you to our PR Agency Zero2One for all their support and assistant with the awards.

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WINNER! – loBO bags another award from the prestigious Right Start Awards 2010

BabaBing! loBo baby bouncer just keeps ‘bouncing’ it’s way into more awards. We are really chuffed at the Bing! Base that loBO baby bouncer received its first Prestigious Right Start Award. Tested by a panel of parents, the loBO won the Highly Commended Award. All winners will featured in the Right Start Best Toy Guide 2010 (an essential item to all parents) which will be available from November – Brilliant Result!

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We’re here! Kind + Jugend 2010

ow8h7pb0mte2Kind + Jugend 2010 European Nursery Fair Koln, Germany 16-19 September 2010 The European Nursery Fair in Koln has kicked off again and the halls are bustling and packed with loads of exciting new products. This year the show celebrates 50 years (1960-2010) as the worlds number one nursery fair and we celebrate 5 years here. We have had our best year yet with the stand packed with loads of international customers as BabaBing! grows across the world. As ever, our LoBo bouncer is attracting a lot of attention, plus there’s our new vivid colour palette on display across the satchel range with new and amazing colours such as Athol Blue, Academy Red and the very fresh Kerry Green. We’re also launching our FlipOut Changing Mat. This is a lightweight, compact (26cm x 19cm x 5cm) changing mat for you to ‘Stash and Go’. It flips out flat in under 2secs and gives a super size base (75cm x 50cm) for rapid changes on the move. Again, this is available in our new vivid colour palette. So it’s back to the action for us. Too many halogen lights, too long in air conditioning and of course too much Kolsh (the local beer) but that’s the fun of the fair! All our new products will be online soon. Over and out. The BabaBing Team.

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WINNER! – with full marks for the loBO baby bouncer

44mg9526kjh6More great news at the Bing! Base with the loBO baby bouncer winning ‘Best Buy’ award from Prima – Pregnancy & Birth magazine for baby bouncers or rockers. loBO received full marks from parent and product tester Alison, describing the loBO as ‘A modern design, that combines style with functionality. Just tap with your finger to start a gentle bounce, while the hanging toys entertain’. – Click here to see the full article.