BabaBing! | Kose Towel Cover

Kose Towel Cover

The BabaBing! Kose Towel Cover that accompanies the ‘Deluxe and City Deluxe’ range of changing bags can also be purchased separately.

The Kose Towel Cover is an essential accessory that has a waterproof backing in order to prevent any unwanted spillages and accidents when changing your child. The terry towelling cover reduces any cold senstations that your child may experience when being changed allowing your child to be comfortable when being changed.

The towel cover can be easily attached to your supersize changing mat with the use of Velcro straps that attach to each corner of the changing mat allowing you the parent to easily attach and detach ready for use and/or washing!

Soft Towelling cover designed to work perfectly with the BabaBing! DayTripper ‘Deluxe’ Satchel changing mat.

Compact and machine washable. A little must-have!

*The Kose Towel Cover does not include changing bag and bottle holder as seen in product image.

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