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LoBo2 Baby Bouncer

The new improved LoBo2 baby bouncer is even better!

The winner of Mother & Baby awards, the BabaBing! LoBo2 Baby Bouncer is available in two styles – Grey Twill and Little Monsters. This is a baby bouncer that soothes your child through the bouncer’s unique leaf spring design.

The LoBo Baby Bouncer range comes with a range of new, exciting features including the two-position back rest. This range of baby bouncers is perfect for newborns to lie back and be soothed by the bouncer chair or the backrest can be adjusted into an upright position for feeding or playtime. Our baby bouncer chairs come with friendly toys to attach to the bouncer for your child’s entertainment.

This grey baby bouncer is sleek and minimalist and will match the décor of any home perfectly. The bouncer chair features a fluid bounce that soothes and calms your baby. All fabrics used to create BabaBing! bouncers are comfortable, plush and easy-care.

The LoBo2 Baby Bouncer has a unique, modern and contemporary design that has been designed by our talented Product Designers and Design Engineers which makes this baby bouncer seat purely unique to BabaBing! customers!

The unique and patented leaf spring design allows these bouncer chairs to generate a smooth bouncing motion that allows your child to create their own bouncy motion with movement from their arms, head and legs without the need for music/mechanical vibration boxes!

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