BabaBing! LoBo2 Baby Bouncer (Grey Twill)




The new improved LoBo2 baby bouncer is even better!

Our Mother & Baby award winning LoBo2 Baby Bouncer is a unique baby bouncer that soothes your child through the bouncers unique leaf spring design!

The two position backrest is an exciting new feature! It is perfect for newborns to lay back and be soothed by its smooth bouncing motion, or the back rest can be easily adjusted into a more upright position for feeding and playtime, where they can be entertained by our friendly little monster toys!

This sleek, minimalist baby bouncer has a smooth, fluid bounce that will soothe and calm your baby, whilst being surrounded by plush, easy-care fabrics.

The LoBo2 Baby Bouncer is a unique, modern and contemporary design that has been designed by our talented Product Designers and Design Engineers which makes this product purely unique to BabaBing! customers!

The unique and patented leaf spring design allows the bouncer to generate a smooth bouncing motion that allows your child to create their own bouncing motion with movement from their arms, head and legs without the need for music/mechanical vibration boxes!

Product Features:

  • 2 Positions: From sitting up to play or feed, to kicking back and relaxing, just a press of the side buttons can transform this bouncer – perfect for newborns!
  • Sleek &Minimalist Style: Designed to blend beautifully into your family home.
  • Smooth, consistent and fluid bounce: Will gently calm and soothe your baby.
  • 5-Point Harness: Featuring another exclusive, our 5 point harness is super comfortable, super easy to use and super safe.
  • Supportive head hugger: To keep your baby snug and comfortable.
  • Exclusive BabaBing! Soft Toys: Say hello to our friendly little monster soft toys. They’re just hanging around from our neat toy bar. Not feeling sociable? No problem, the toy bar just pops off and they’re gone!
  • Plush, Easy Care Fabrics: Hip colours and funky characters, in wipeable and machine washable fabrics that will keep your LoBo looking good.
  • The seat is suitable for children of age 0-6 months approximately and should not be used once the child can sit up unaided. Maximum weight 19.8lbs (9kgs).

Additional information

Weight 4.00 kg

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