BabaBing! DayTripper City Deluxe (Grey) PLUS Lobo2 Bouncer (Little Monsters)

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BabaBing! LoBo2 Baby Bouncer (Little Monsters)

BabaBing! DayTripper City Deluxe Changing Bag 2016 (Grey)

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The Deluxe DayTripper and Lobo2 Baby Bouncer is a bundle package that gives you significant savings on a multiple purchase!

Now that you have your Stroller and Nursery Furniture, it is important NOT to forget your essential changing bag and Bouncer (Hey.. we can’t have baby looking at the ceiling for 24 hours a day in their Moses Basket can we?).

This bundle package allows you to gain significant savings (25%), as well as allowing your child to sit comfortably within their Bouncer whilst playing with the stylish toybar toys!

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